Here is how the restoration service works:

Step 1: Send us photos of your bags! Please include photos of the front and close ups of the areas which need restoration.

Step 2: We'll share the expected service package and cost based on your photos.

Step 3: Head over to our restoration site to schedule for a pick-up. This will include payment of a $20 concierge fee which will go towards the service payment if you proceed with any of our services upon receiving our final quote.

Step 4: We'll arrange for your bags to be picked up and assessed. The final quote will be emailed to you within 2-3 business days with an e-invoice for payment.

Step 5: After payment has been confirmed, our team of specialists will begin servicing your bag.

Step 6: After your bags have been restored, we'ill arrange for your bags to be returned at no additional cost!